Summer has swept me away from my regular blogging.  I definitely need to do better.  Thank you to all of you that continue to follow me.  Here is one of my newest projects which I am excited to share!  I recently have become obsessed with finding furniture at Goodwill to be refurbished for use.  It all started with this chair.


I found this chair at the Goodwill in Ballantyne.  I saw potential in what it can be turned into and purchased it for $10.  After posting this picture on Facebook, numerous people mentioned not to refinish the chair, as it would be devaluing the true cost of the chair.  I google searched the chair and found that this type chair sells for at least $200 brand new!  Surprise, surprise!  I’m not willing to sell this chair as I love the style.  I also do not purchase antiques, as I have a small home and purchase furniture based on usability.  I decided to not refinish the chair until I found a desk it can be used with.

Well!  About 2-3 weeks later, I found this gem.

desk_original_1 desk_original_2

This secretary desk is not authentic and is made of heat pressed wood, but is very sturdy.  It needs some work done before it is useable, however, it is the perfect size for my small master sitting room.  I love these types of desks!  I have decided to paint the desk white, being the wood veneer is damaged in numerous places.  Also to avoid the desk appearing large in a small room, I have decided to paint it white.  To do this, I decided to remove the wood veneer prior to painting.  I could have taken the easy way out and painted over it, but I figured I should do it the appropriate way.  Not to mention some of the veneer was severely damaged and I was able to sand everything evenly.

I removed majority of the veneer yesterday.  Here are pictures of what it currently looks like.

desk_refurbished_1 desk_reburbished_2

I have not decided if I am going to paint the inside of the desk, as it would be very difficult to paint around the small cube holes.  Not even my small hands will fit.  I am definitely going to sand down the desktop area and paint it.  I thought about painting the desktop a light teal as a refreshing color for the inside of the desk, plus I am in love with teal and mint green.  But we will see!

Being that it was so much work to sand the entire desk down, I am done working on this project for the weekend.  I am hoping to finish sanding the desktop by next weekend and paint it the following weekend.

Once I have completed the desk, I will post an update.  The next project will be the desk chair!  I will be working on sanding down the chair and painting it white to match the chair.  I will also be adding a white and gold cushion to the center of the chair to add some glamor to my desk area.  I am so excited to work on these projects and hoping to have them done before my birthday, in September.

Stay tuned for an update!