1. When I purchased my townhouse, I never knew that I would become such a fan of cooking and baking.  (Mainly love to bake.)  This is the first place I have ever owned and lived by myself.  No more room mates!  I ate Lean Cuisines my first year I lived here!  Now I have become a novice chef and I wish I would have invested in a place with a larger kitchen with more counter space.  Lets be honest, you can never have enough counter space, especially when you’re baking.  SO!  Being I never sit at my kitchen table, I thought I should sell it and purchase an island that can dual as a kitchen table and extra counter space.  So far this is the only island I have found that is reasonably affordable that has storage on 1 side and sitting area on the opposite.  I am hoping to be able to purchase this in the near future.


Ikea’s STENSTORP Kitchen Island


Ikea’s INGOLF Bar Stool with Backrest

2.  With my love for baking, I REALLY need a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.


I like how the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer has other attachments that can be purchased,  such as a meat grinder (to make homemade fresh meatballs or sausage) and a pasta roller.  It is definitely an investment and I have no doubt that (hopefully) one day I will own one of these!