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Summer has swept me away from my regular blogging.  I definitely need to do better.  Thank you to all of you that continue to follow me.  Here is one of my newest projects which I am excited to share!  I recently have become obsessed with finding furniture at Goodwill to be refurbished for use.  It all started with this chair.


I found this chair at the Goodwill in Ballantyne.  I saw potential in what it can be turned into and purchased it for $10.  After posting this picture on Facebook, numerous people mentioned not to refinish the chair, as it would be devaluing the true cost of the chair.  I google searched the chair and found that this type chair sells for at least $200 brand new!  Surprise, surprise!  I’m not willing to sell this chair as I love the style.  I also do not purchase antiques, as I have a small home and purchase furniture based on usability.  I decided to not refinish the chair until I found a desk it can be used with.

Well!  About 2-3 weeks later, I found this gem.

desk_original_1 desk_original_2

This secretary desk is not authentic and is made of heat pressed wood, but is very sturdy.  It needs some work done before it is useable, however, it is the perfect size for my small master sitting room.  I love these types of desks!  I have decided to paint the desk white, being the wood veneer is damaged in numerous places.  Also to avoid the desk appearing large in a small room, I have decided to paint it white.  To do this, I decided to remove the wood veneer prior to painting.  I could have taken the easy way out and painted over it, but I figured I should do it the appropriate way.  Not to mention some of the veneer was severely damaged and I was able to sand everything evenly.

I removed majority of the veneer yesterday.  Here are pictures of what it currently looks like.

desk_refurbished_1 desk_reburbished_2

I have not decided if I am going to paint the inside of the desk, as it would be very difficult to paint around the small cube holes.  Not even my small hands will fit.  I am definitely going to sand down the desktop area and paint it.  I thought about painting the desktop a light teal as a refreshing color for the inside of the desk, plus I am in love with teal and mint green.  But we will see!

Being that it was so much work to sand the entire desk down, I am done working on this project for the weekend.  I am hoping to finish sanding the desktop by next weekend and paint it the following weekend.

Once I have completed the desk, I will post an update.  The next project will be the desk chair!  I will be working on sanding down the chair and painting it white to match the chair.  I will also be adding a white and gold cushion to the center of the chair to add some glamor to my desk area.  I am so excited to work on these projects and hoping to have them done before my birthday, in September.

Stay tuned for an update!

This month at the Ladies Do-It-Herself class at Home Depot, three of the Adirondack chairs which we built were raffled off.  Guess what?!  I won!

Here is a picture of my Adirondack Chair!  I did not purchase the teal seat cushion which is pictured, but I was allowed to select a pillow to go with the chair.  Later I found a nice seat cushion for the chair at another store.  Unfortunately, with the high humidity and all the rain we have been receiving, I have not had a chance to stain and treat the chair.  For now it resides in my garage.  I want to ensure that this chair lasts!


Hello Ladies!  The third Thursday of the month has almost arrived, which means another Do-It-Herself Class at The Home Depot.  This coming Thursday, June 20, 2013  The Home Depot will be hosting a Ladies Do-It-Herself Class on How to Build an Adirondack Chair.

Want a sneak peak?  Here is the YouTube video of how to complete the project on your own.  (But hands on is more fun!  Ana White definitely makes this job appear easier than it truly is.  No offense, Ana.)


The class will be held at all Home Depots on Thursday, June 20, 2013.  If interested in attending, stop by your nearest Home Depot and inquire.  Some Home Depot stores request that you RSVP so that they can plan snacks and seating accordingly.

The Rivergate Home Depot (Charlotte, NC) will be serving heavy hors d’oeuvres from City Tavern, assembling and decorating 4 Adirondack chairs which will be raffled off at the end of the night.  AND!  If you bring a friend, you will receive an extra raffle ticket to double your chances for winning.  An Adirondack chair will look lovely on my small front porch.  Wish me luck!

Pictures to come!  Again, I will scan in the Home Depot Do-It-Herself booklet again for those of you that are unable to attend, but like the instructions.

Good Evening!  I know, I know … I am slacking!  But working over 40 hours a week, maintaining a home (which I will report, being a homeowner is nice, but a lot of work), taking care of 2 mini wiener dogs, spending time with family and friends, all while attempting to live life to its fullest has had me away from my computer.  BUT!  Tonight that changes, with my trusty smarty pants dog by my side, my laptop in bed with me and my creative brain ready to share.  Ready … set …

lola_and_i_bloggingFor those of you that have been patiently awaiting for me to share The Home Depot Do-It-Herself Booklet for May, Inspired by Pinterest: Succulent Gardens, here it is!

I’m sorry it took so long!  I decided to climb through the mess of my office tonight to reach my scanner and scan the 7 page booklet.

I admit!  I was sad that the succulent plant I assembled at the Home Depot Do-It-Herself class was not raffled off.  BUT!  I was inspired to create my own!  Here it is!

my_succulent_plantAmazingly, the weekend after I attended the Do-It-Herself Class, I found tons of succulent plants at the plant shed at the NC Farmer’s Market.

The succulent I purchased was about $4.  It is a fairly decent size and definitely a lot more bang of my buck.  I priced this same succulent at Walmart.  Walmart had their succulent plants priced between $5 and $10.  The plants were not as healthy and large as the ones I found at the farmer’s market.

I purchased the large glass container from Hobby Lobby for $8, plus I had a 40% coupon, which reduced it to approximately $5.  I also purchased 2 containers of uncolored sand at Hobby Lobby, approximately cost $2.50 each.  The rocks and soil, I purchased from Walmart, which ranged to a total of $6.

You do not have to purchase rocks and sand for this project.  I added the rocks and sand to make it more decorative.  You can use any sort of container for succulent plants.  The booklet, which I provided, has plenty of container suggestions.

Total project cost: approximately $20

If you create a succulent garden, please share pictures of your garden.  I look forward to seeing your creative ideas!

For LIVE up-to-date inspirations, please feel free to follow my instgram!  (@thatgirl_leah)

Good Evening Bloggers, especially my female followers!

If you are like me, single female homeowner with no handyman, you probably read blogs, magazines, books, instructions and watch youtube videos on “how to” for inspirations of making your house a home.  For the past year, I have been attending the monthly Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops.  I have learned how to install a dimmer switch, how to properly paint, gardening tips and more!  AND I have won some GREAT prizes at these workshops, including a fire pit and a cornhole board set!

May’s Do-It-Herself Workshop was Inspired by Pinterest: Succulent Gardens


Q: What are succulents?

A: Any plant that stores water in its leaves, stems or roots in order to survive dry spells.  This means low maintenance plants!

I have the small booklet with information on succulents and how to make a succulent garden.  I tried to find it online or a youtube video, but failed.  Home Depot is slacking on providing documentation.  Unless you have a great memory, you probably will not remember everything from the demonstration.  So!  You ladies are in luck!  I will scan the document and post it here on my blog, just for you!

At this month’s class, we were able to do some hands on work.  Here is a picture of the succulent plant my neighbor’s and I planted at the demonstration class.  Unfortunately, I did not get to keep it and it was not raffled off.  But!  I definitely know how to create my own.


Be sure to stop by your local Home Depot store and inquire about the Do-It-Herself Workshops.  All Home Depot stores host these workshops every third Thursday of every month.  It is a great way to meet other ladies in your community and learn how to do something new to add to your home.

Of course, the vibe of the workshop is going to vary location to location, depending on how many ladies attend and how much effort the store puts into giving you a good experience.  I attend the Home Depot in the Rivergate Shopping Center off on South Tryon (14310 Rivergate Parkway, Charlotte, NC).  I have met numerous ladies that live in the surround area and have become very comfortable with the Home Depot staff there.  I enjoy seeing familiar staff faces when I am in there shopping outside of the workshops.  All ladies share great laughs and conversation.

A big thank you to The Home Depot – Steele Creek for their awesome raffle prizes and giving us a wonderful Do-It-Herself Workshop experience.  And a thank you to City Tavern for providing great hors d’oeuvres at these workshops as well.