Good Evening Bloggers, especially my female followers!

If you are like me, single female homeowner with no handyman, you probably read blogs, magazines, books, instructions and watch youtube videos on “how to” for inspirations of making your house a home.  For the past year, I have been attending the monthly Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops.  I have learned how to install a dimmer switch, how to properly paint, gardening tips and more!  AND I have won some GREAT prizes at these workshops, including a fire pit and a cornhole board set!

May’s Do-It-Herself Workshop was Inspired by Pinterest: Succulent Gardens


Q: What are succulents?

A: Any plant that stores water in its leaves, stems or roots in order to survive dry spells.  This means low maintenance plants!

I have the small booklet with information on succulents and how to make a succulent garden.  I tried to find it online or a youtube video, but failed.  Home Depot is slacking on providing documentation.  Unless you have a great memory, you probably will not remember everything from the demonstration.  So!  You ladies are in luck!  I will scan the document and post it here on my blog, just for you!

At this month’s class, we were able to do some hands on work.  Here is a picture of the succulent plant my neighbor’s and I planted at the demonstration class.  Unfortunately, I did not get to keep it and it was not raffled off.  But!  I definitely know how to create my own.


Be sure to stop by your local Home Depot store and inquire about the Do-It-Herself Workshops.  All Home Depot stores host these workshops every third Thursday of every month.  It is a great way to meet other ladies in your community and learn how to do something new to add to your home.

Of course, the vibe of the workshop is going to vary location to location, depending on how many ladies attend and how much effort the store puts into giving you a good experience.  I attend the Home Depot in the Rivergate Shopping Center off on South Tryon (14310 Rivergate Parkway, Charlotte, NC).  I have met numerous ladies that live in the surround area and have become very comfortable with the Home Depot staff there.  I enjoy seeing familiar staff faces when I am in there shopping outside of the workshops.  All ladies share great laughs and conversation.

A big thank you to The Home Depot – Steele Creek for their awesome raffle prizes and giving us a wonderful Do-It-Herself Workshop experience.  And a thank you to City Tavern for providing great hors d’oeuvres at these workshops as well.