Hello All!  One of my New Years Resolutions for 2015 is to be a better blogger!  I’m not succeeding at it thus far, but no time like the present to start!  I am kicking it off with my March 2015 Favorites!

Beauty Products:

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream
    One of the many YouTubers which I follow mentioned this in a vlog.  Sorry I can’t remember who it was that mentioned it.  I was intrigued and recently purchased this from Target.  Even if you have oily skin, like mine, you should always hydrate your skin to prevent wrinkles.  Yes, I am 31 years old and concerned about wrinkles.  I tried this product this month and absolutely fell in love with it.  It’s the first facial moisturizer that I have found that does not leave my skin feeling super oily or a film sitting on my face.  It absorbs into the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.  It is slight expensive.  However, keep in mind if you want GOOD beauty products that work as designed, you will have to pay the price.  The only down side to this product is it comes in a dish which you have to scoop out the product.  I’m not a fan of putting my hands into a product that is going on my face.  I would rather have a tube or a pump dispenser to prevent from contaminating any of the product.  So be sure to wash your hands before using.
  • Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment
    I received this product in my March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box.  I have always been hesitant in using microdermabrasion products being that they can do more harm than good to the skin on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Surprisingly this product is very gentle.  It has a fine grit, which you can hardly feel when the product dispense, combined with peppermint extract that leaves your face feeling clean and tingly.  You can decide on how much exfoliation you want by concentrating on certain parts of your face.


  • Self Expressions by Maiden Form – Shape with Style 360 Slimming
    I know you are probably thinking, “You’re 31!  You’re young and should be in shape.”  Unfortunately, with working an 40-50 hours a week desk job and not always eating the healthiest, I have developed the dreaded, most difficult to loose, muffin top.  One of my best friends recently got married and I questioned how I was going to fit in a my little black dress.  I purchased this from Target and PRESTO! the dress fit like a glove with a seamless fit.  It is surprisingly comfortable, which you would not think of something so tight around your body.  It was reported that women celebrities wear similar under garments (different brands are available) when they are trying to loose their baby weight.  Maybe I should start wearing this to help loose my muffin top!


  • Kikk-K Medium Personal Planner
    Now entering the stationary freak side of Leah! I love stationary items!  What woman doesn’t?!  Pretty pens, pencils, stickers, paper, oh the list could go on … For the past year, I have been in the kick of getting back into a planner.  Not a planner application or anything digital.  I’m talking about an old school, sit down and write it down, planner!  Through high school and college, I always used an planner.  As I entered into the corporate field, I found myself less apt to use a planner.  And today, I feel at times my life and I are a HOT MESSYup!  You heard it here first!  I admit that I am a HOT MESS.  As 2015 has begun, I have moved back to using a planner.  For personal purposes, I have been using the 2015 Time Planner Medium: Live Bright on sale.  It’s small enough to fit in my large purse I carry and is a great way to keep the paper clutter at bay in my bag.


  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly
    This month’s featured YouTuber is Kristina’s Pretty Shiny Sparkly channel.  I have been enjoying her vleekends and I always love her favorites.  I have definitely been wanting to begin a YouTube channel and she inspires me to share my life.  After all, my family says they live vicariously through me!  P.S. Kristina – I can’t wait for your review of your Foxy Dori!  I want one!


  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler
    In 2015, I am also reading along each month with the Paper & Glam Book Club.  I have to say that February’s book was difficult and I did not read it.  I was about to loose hope until I started reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  If you love Amy as an actress, you will love her book!  This book definitely gave me motivation and courage to keep continuing with the book club and keeping doing what I love.  I got this!  To prevent any spoilers of the book, I will stop here, but I DEFINITELY suggest reading this book.  #AmySaysYesPlease

DIY Project:

  • Wool and the Gang’s Cross My Heart Wrap with their Crazy Sexy Wool
    As you may or may not know, I taught myself how to knit by watching numerous videos on YouTube.  In an efforts to expand this skill and advertisements seen on the side bar of my facebook, I ran across this knitting company Wool and the Gang.  Absolutely obsessed with their projects, I decided I wanted to do one.  I went with the Cross My Heart Wrap using their Purple Haze Crazy Sexy Wool (It’s crazy sexy soft!)  as my first project.  It is a semi-easy project and I learned a new knitting technique.  They have great tutorials online of how to knit each stitch used to make their projects.  It was a rough start, but I have the pattern down and working on building the length of the wrap.  Unfortunately, I do not think I will have this completed before the cool weather leaves, but I definitely think I can use it for chilly days in the office or chilly spring evenings.  I can’t wait!  I definitely will post a picture of the completed product.


  • Viva Chicken
    I am obsessed with Viva Chicken this month.  They currently only have two locations within Charlotte, NC, one off Elizabeth Street and one in Ballantyne (conveniently located across the 485 bridge from my office).  The restaurant is a Peruvian Rotisserie Joint.  Their food is slightly spicy, but nothing to make your mouth feel like it is on fire.  It’s unexplainable, honestly, you have to go and try it for yourself and you will be hooked!  My favorite is the 1/4 chicken with infused rice and sweet plantains.  DELICIOUS! Excuse me as I wipe my mouth from drooling.

I would love to hear what your favorites are for this month, so please share!

The most recent trend are monthly subscription boxes.  There are so many subscription boxes for every hobby on the market!  After much research, I have decided to subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have monthly subscription.  This is a women’s lifestyle box, “POPSUGAR is everything a woman loves, all in one place.”  This includes home items, beauty products, snacks, etc.  This subscription box costs $39.95 per month.  However, the total of the items in the box retail for $150 to $200.

… and here it is …

POPSUGAR Must Have - September 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have – September 2014

What Inspired September’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Long Walks
  • New Tunes
  • Back To School
  • Fashion Week
  • Football


  • Tilo Scarves – Modal Gradation Scarf in Rasin
  • Nicole Miller – Stereo Earbuds
  • Urban Remedy – Almond Brownie
  • Oribe – Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray
  • Letter C Design – Gold Foil Arrow Pencils
  • Riffle Paper Co. – Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set

Special Extras:

  • Nike – $20 Gift Card
  • Ghirardelli – Milk Choclate Sea Salt & Almond Minis


  • Tilo Scarves – Modal Gradation Scarf in Rasin: Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal, and Ron Herman, this hand-dyed modal scarf provides warmth and style as you layer your way into fall.  Suggested Retail $125 | www.tiloscarves.com

I love scarves!  After reviewing numerous unboxing YouTube videos, it appears that there is always a scarf in one month’s box.  This year it happens to be September!  (What a wonderful month!  YAAY Virgos!)  Now you may be asking yourself, what in the world is modal?  Modal is a type of rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, such as from beech trees.  It can be used alone or with other fibers, for example, pajamas, towels, bathrobes, underwear, bed sheets, etc.  In a nutshell, it is a silk like fabric.

Tilo is a modern collection of scarves crafted from luxurious cashmere, silk and fine wool.  The emphasis is on natural fiber, interesting textures and a modern colour palette.  Tilo Scarves can only be purchased at three retailers Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal and Ron Herman.  However, their collection of beautiful scarves can be seen on their website at www.tiloscarves.com.

  • Nicole Miller – Stereo Earbuds: Listen to your favorite tunes with these fun and functional earbuds with three ear-cap sizes.  Suggested Retail: $20 | www.iWaveaudio.com

Nicole Miller is a fashion brand for women’s clothing and accessories.  You can view her line at www.nicolemiller.com.  These ear buds are nice because they provide three ear-cap sizes.  In regards to audio quality, I would not recommend these for high end quality music listening.  There is no tonal balance and I prefer to stick to my Apple ear buds, I received with my iPhone.  However, if I was in desperate need of ear buds, these would suffice.

  • Urban Remedy – Almond Brownie: Made with 100 percent organic, quality ingredients, this almond brownie from Urban Remedy, for which Cindy Crawford is a brand ambassador and partner, is the smart way to indulge.  Suggested Retail: $6 | www.urbanremedy.com

I have not attempted to eat the Almond Brownie.  To be honest with you, it looks like a big turd in a bag.  No joke!  I will eventually open it and taste it and will report back once I try it.  Urban Remedy also included a $10 off any purchase of $50 or more from their website.  However, after reviewing their website, I was not enticed to order any of their products.

  • Oribe – Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray: When you need to tame those fly-aways in a pinch, this purse-size hair spray from celebrity favorite Oribe will give you reliable hold.  Suggested Retail: $21.50 | www.oribe.com

Oribe describes this hair spray as, “A sheer, modern hairspray with medium hold.  Oribe designed superfine to bring new technology to old-style glamour, resulting in flexible, brushable, shiny-soft control.  The exclusive ultra-dry finish won’t dampen or dull smooth styles.”

I love this hair spray and use it every day. I love the light hold and the scent.  It truly works as designed.

The hair spray can be purchased at hair salons as well as at www.oribe.com.

  • Purse Size – 2.2 oz – $21.50
  • Full Size – 9 oz – $32
  • Letter C Design – Gold Foil Arrow Pencils: Ditch your average number two pencil, and write down all your bright ideas with these hand-foil-stamped arrow pencils instead.  Suggested Retail: $5 | www.shoplettercdesign.com

Letter C Design is all about creating cheer in everyday … by offering paper goods with endless possibilities – whether it is sending a note, writing down bright ideas or adding that special touch to packages.  This company is an independent paper goods studio shop.  (Shop Independent Retailers!)  Letter C Design are clean and simple designs from eco materials.  Collections range from mix and match patterns to simply drawn illustrations and pressed foil stamped goods.

I am probably one of the few people that uses pencils.  But I’m an artist/designer.  I love all the fine art tools.  The set of pencils came with a small pencil sharpener which was nice and useful.  I’m not sure if this is standard for all their packs of pencils or if it was specific to the POPSUGAR Must Have box.  I immediately sharpened a pencil and wrote my draft and thoughts on the products for this review.

  • Riffle Paper Co. – Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set: Partnering with Garance Dore, Rifle Paper Co. presents a stationery set with blank interiors and iconic illustrations – it’s fabulous and versatile.  Suggested Retail: $18 | www.riflepaperco.com

Now living in a mainly paperless, digital world, the act of sending cards and letters is becoming rare.  I love print designs and always try to make an effort to send cards/letters, especially around the holidays.  It is nice to receive “happy mail” instead of a bill.  I surprised my best friend, Monica, in Arizona with one of these cards.

Monica with the Riffle Paper Co - Garance Dore Girl Card I sent her

Be sure to check out Monica’s blog as well. (rmvaghela.wordpress.com)  She has some great health tips!

Special Extras!

  • Nike – $20 Gift Card: After you’ve found your prefect Nike Pro Bra, use this $20 gift card to make the look complete.  This new bra collection features over 25 sizes to give you the desired support for the perfect fit.

I am very picky about my sports bra and will not commit to buying a sports bra until I have had a chance to try it on.  Thankfully, the gift card can be used for any item on www.nike.com.  I used my credit to purchase a pair of bright pink workout shorts.  I paid $20.76 after the gift card was applied.  However, after placing my order I noticed that I could have received free two day shipping.  I was a tad bummed I could not change my shipping for my order.  But I did receive my shorts within two business days.

  • Ghirardelli – Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond Minis: Individually wrapped, these mini Ghirardelli sea salt and almond crunch chocolates make snacking on the go so much simpler.

These bite size chocolates were wonderful.  They were just enough chocolate to get my sweet tooth fix each evening.  You can never go wrong with chocolate for women!

Overall, I enjoyed the September 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box.  I have received October 2014 box and am still trying out all the products.  I am targeting to post a review prior to receiving the November 2014 box.  So stay tuned!

If you are interested in subscribing to POPSUGAR Must Have Box, you can sign up using this link: Click Here and receive $5 off your first box.

Note: For the past six months, I was a subscriber to WhimseyBox, a monthly DIY Craft Kit.  I had always enjoyed the crafts, however, in August 2014, it appears the company has run into issues.  Some months were skipped and there has been a lack of communication from their support team via e-mail and phone.  Thankfully, I prepaid for six months and canceled my subscription as soon as the six months ended.  On the down side, I only received five DIY Craft Kits, when I paid for six.  Honestly, I did not feel it was in my best interest to dispute. For those interested in WhimseyBox monthly subscription, I would advise not subscribing until they can provide an update on their subscription and customer service status.

Hello Fellow Bloggers & Followers!

I have TOTALLY slacked off on blogging.  I’m sorry to have left those of you loyal followers.  Thank you always for your support!  I was temporarily away, but I am back!  Why you may ask I was M.I.A?  To put it bluntly, life happens.  No I did not have any kids, nor did I get married, unfortunately.  This summer flew by and I could not keep up.  Now that the weather is getting cooler and the holiday season is right around the corner, this makes the perfect time to  sit down and catch up on my passion of blogging and sharing my life with YOU.  So grab a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and here we go!  Ready … Set … BLOG!

Summer has swept me away from my regular blogging.  I definitely need to do better.  Thank you to all of you that continue to follow me.  Here is one of my newest projects which I am excited to share!  I recently have become obsessed with finding furniture at Goodwill to be refurbished for use.  It all started with this chair.


I found this chair at the Goodwill in Ballantyne.  I saw potential in what it can be turned into and purchased it for $10.  After posting this picture on Facebook, numerous people mentioned not to refinish the chair, as it would be devaluing the true cost of the chair.  I google searched the chair and found that this type chair sells for at least $200 brand new!  Surprise, surprise!  I’m not willing to sell this chair as I love the style.  I also do not purchase antiques, as I have a small home and purchase furniture based on usability.  I decided to not refinish the chair until I found a desk it can be used with.

Well!  About 2-3 weeks later, I found this gem.

desk_original_1 desk_original_2

This secretary desk is not authentic and is made of heat pressed wood, but is very sturdy.  It needs some work done before it is useable, however, it is the perfect size for my small master sitting room.  I love these types of desks!  I have decided to paint the desk white, being the wood veneer is damaged in numerous places.  Also to avoid the desk appearing large in a small room, I have decided to paint it white.  To do this, I decided to remove the wood veneer prior to painting.  I could have taken the easy way out and painted over it, but I figured I should do it the appropriate way.  Not to mention some of the veneer was severely damaged and I was able to sand everything evenly.

I removed majority of the veneer yesterday.  Here are pictures of what it currently looks like.

desk_refurbished_1 desk_reburbished_2

I have not decided if I am going to paint the inside of the desk, as it would be very difficult to paint around the small cube holes.  Not even my small hands will fit.  I am definitely going to sand down the desktop area and paint it.  I thought about painting the desktop a light teal as a refreshing color for the inside of the desk, plus I am in love with teal and mint green.  But we will see!

Being that it was so much work to sand the entire desk down, I am done working on this project for the weekend.  I am hoping to finish sanding the desktop by next weekend and paint it the following weekend.

Once I have completed the desk, I will post an update.  The next project will be the desk chair!  I will be working on sanding down the chair and painting it white to match the chair.  I will also be adding a white and gold cushion to the center of the chair to add some glamor to my desk area.  I am so excited to work on these projects and hoping to have them done before my birthday, in September.

Stay tuned for an update!

Hello All!  I am slacking again, I know.  But in my defense, I was diligently working around my house and at the office to get items in order before going on vacation.  I am now half way through my vacation and thought I would take some time out of my R&R to update you on my newest obsession.

I recently won a $100 gift card to erincondren.com!  YAAY!  You may ask what or who is Erin Condren?  Erin Condren Design is a personal stationary website shop.  She sells the most wonderful customizable and personalized products.  Check out her website here: https://www.erincondren.com.

eclp(Excuse the no make-up tired look, but I was so excited to show off my new Erin Condren Life Planner.)

Being a GRITS (Girl Raised In The South), monogramming and personalized items are a must have and a love!  Of course, I was over joyed to win this prize.  After reviewing numerous product reviews via YouTube of Erin Condren products, I decided to order an Erin Condren Life Planner.  Being that it is customized and personalized, it did take about 3 weeks to receive.  However, it was well worth the wait!  I never thought I would go back to using a printed agenda.  After watching numerous reviews, ECPLs are used not just for schedules, but also used as a journal and a scrapbook.

I gave up my Franklin Covey planner when I was laid off from my first corporate job due to the downturn economy.  I was unemployed and worked as a freelancer for almost two years and did not have much of a schedule to manage.  Now that I have a job I love,  I have a busier life.

I know you probably think I am crazy to go back to using a hard copy agenda and why don’t I use my iPhone calendar?  BUT! After spending at least 8 hours behind a computer all day, I find it a breathe of fresh air to be able to get away from technology and take it back old school.  I am also not fond of the iPhone calendar application.  I enjoy being able to review all items in one glance, versus clicking on each day that contains a dot on the date.

I originally only ordered the basic Erin Condren Life Planner and her custom pens.  There is an option to order customizable stickers and other accessories for an additional cost. However, I did not want to go crazy until I was able to figure how I want to use my ECLP.  I am still reading and watching reviews of how others are using their ECLP, and I think I may have found a system I am going to use.  Since receiving my ECLP, I have ordered customized stickers and a notebook notepad.  I will post an update once I have become settled in my system.

Surprisingly the agenda community has grown!  I joined the We Love Erin Condren Random Acts of Kindness group on Facebook.

Many of the members in We Love EC believe that kindness never stops. A simple act of kindness can continue on for ages. Because we want to spread the kindness, we are starting up the RAK program again.

A RAK is a Random Act of Kindness that you send to someone else to brighten her day. Filled with a few small extras from your planner supplies, the RAK you send will be a delightful mailbox surprise. Don’t worry about what or how much you send; it’s the thought that counts.

I love what this group stands for!  I have recently signed up to send RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) and receive.  I can hardly wait to find some stuff to send out to my RAK group.

Unfortunately, Erin Condren Life Planners are currently not available, due to releasing the 2015 new ECLP designs.  I can hardly wait to see them!

If you are interested in ordering any Erin Condren products, such as a ECLP, please feel free to use my recommendation link here:


You will be prompted to create an account and will receive $10 off your first purchase.  If you love personalized items or know someone who does, I would definitely recommend Erin Condren Designs.

Stay tuned for an update soon!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Again feeding into my recent love for DIY, I took Whimseybox‘s motto,”stop pinning and start making!”  This week I made these super cute hand stamped coat hangers.  This a very easy and quick DIY project.



  • Wooden Coat Hangers
  • Small Letter Stamps
  • Permanent Ink Pad


I purchased the hangers from Ikea.  They are called the Bumerang Curved Clothes Hangers and are $4 for a pack of 8.

I purchased the letter stamps, both upper and lower case sets, and the permanent ink pad from Hobby Lobby.  The ink pad MUST BE permanent ink to keep the ink from rubbing off on clothing.  These items were not super expensive and, lucky me, Hobby Lobby happen to have a sale on stamps.  If stamps are not on sale, remember you can use Hobby Lobby’s app or print a coupon for their web page to get the one most expensive item at a discounted rate.  I’m sure that these stamps will be useful in future DIY projects.  So consider it an investment!

You can opt to purchase a stamp set which you can pre-align the letters in a holster before stamping.  However, I like the appearance of the uneven spaced, individual crooked letters.  It perfects the handmade look.

Before getting started on stamping your hangers, I would advise practice stamping on a piece of paper first.  This way you can get idea of how to align the letters individually. This way the letters are not too far apart or touching.  Plus it gives you a chance to write out what you want your hangers to say.  I did my test trial in my sketchbook.  Check it out!


Once you feel comfortable with stamping the letters, nothing like the present to get started!  Don’t worry if you mess up!  They are supposed to be imperfect.  The ink dries very quickly, but I gave them 24 hours before touching them to be on the safe side.

Instead of keeping these for my own coat closet, I decided to ship them off to a friends who recently bought her first house.  These are going to be a great house warming gift!

Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers!  I am only four months behind on saying that!  Sorry guys and gals, this little woman has been busy!  My goal, starting now, is to do a post once a weekend.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram (@thatgirl_leah) know that my newest craze are Do It Yourself craft kits.  I have always been a fan of DIY.  Within in the past month, I have seen advertisements on Facebook for a product called Darby Smart.  Out of curiosity, I googled it (like I do everything).

“Darby Smart is a do-it-yourself crafting startup working with top Pinterest designers of DIY accessories, fashion and home items to Kit, market and sell their projects to consumers, complete with all materials and instructions needed to complete the project.”

In other words, it is a do-it-yourself craft project in a box!  You can opt to buy craft supplies individually, do-it-yourself projects (which include all the materials and instructions) or sign up for their monthly subscription (which is a new DIY project sent to you each month).  This truly intrigued me!  It does not cost any money to sign up and you are given a $10 off your first purchase when you become a member.

FREE MONEY!  Of course, I decided to purchase one of the DIY projects!  They have numerous projects at different price ranges.  Check them out!

I purchased the Lace Earrings Kit.  It came in a super cute teal box with chevron on the sides.  (Did I mention I’m crazy about chevron?!)

darby2I’m not sure that “Internet Rehab Inside,” is the best phrase for this box, especially since I have become quite the avid internet shopper.

Here are the supplies which were provided to make the earrings.

darby1The instructions were located on the back of the card.  They were basic and I was able to use my own creativity to create my earrings.  The kit made three sets of earrings.  Here is the finished product!

darby3I have to say that every time I wear a pair of these earrings, I always get a lot of compliments.

Darby Smart provides more than enough for you push your creativity.  I had a lot of beads remaining, so I went to the craft store and picked up more supplies to make more of these earrings.  Stay tuned for a follow up!